FATRAFOL-S is a roofing system designed for all types of buildings. It’ s suitable for both flat and pitched roofs of residential, public, administrative, industrial, agricultural, sports and similar buildings.
The system is suitable for all kinds of roofs – ventilated and non-ventilated roofs, roofs with single ply above insulation as well as inverted roofs, pitched and flat roofs, traffic and non-traffic roofs.Depending on method of fixing, the system is suitable for fastened, ballasted (gravel, roof garden) or adhered roofs.
Roofing membranes FATRAFOL may be installed on all common substrates, depending on the membrane type.
The FATRAFOL-S system consists of roofing membranes, accessories and auxiliary material.

Product advantages

  • waterproofing system including all components
  • own development and proved compatibility
  • intensive network of trained applicators
  • extended warranty
  • speed of application
  • long life span, easy maintenance
  • lightweight, low transport costs
  • low load of bearing structure
  • minimal fire load
  • environmentally friendly

Video tutorials

Accesories application – short videos (Subscribe to a Fatra YouTube channel).



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    • 3D Details Fatrafol S
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    • Details FATRAFOL S
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