Mechanically anchored roof

Waterproofing membranes are mechanically fixed by mechanical anchoring to the supporting structure of the roof, to the stabilisation part of the roof ply. The method of anchoring needs to be designed in such a manner that the membrane would be secured against dimensional changes and wind suction. It is characteristic above all for light roof structures.

  • FATRAFOL 810/V (810)
  • EKOPLAN 819
  • FATRAFOL 804
  • Mechanically anchored roof


    1. Plastic-coated sheet metal drip mould FATRANYL PVC
    2. Butyl-rubber tape
    3. Corrugation closure flashing
    4. Plastic-coated sheet metal internal corner profile FATRANYL PVC
    5. Trapezoidal sheet metal
    6. Shaped 3D-piece – external corner
    7. Shaped 3D-piece – internal corner
    8. Separating layer – textile or glass-fibre mat
    9. FATRAFOL 810 (804) PVC-P membrane
    10. FATRAFOL 810/V (810) PVC-P membrane
    11. Thermal insulation – polystyrene
    12. Thermal insulation – mineral wool
    13. Vapour control barrier


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      • 3D Details Fatrafol S
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