FATRAFAST is a PVC-P profile with aluminium reinforcement, designed to be fixed to mechanically anchored FATRAFOL roofing membrane by hot air welding.



FATRAFAST profile is intended for the installation of various structural elements (e.g. spreading grids, structures for photovoltaic panels, systems and equipment, air-conditioning, solar heaters, etc.).

The profile is only recommended for installation on flat roofs, i.e. up to a roof slope of 5°. The minimum recommended thickness of the waterproofing membrane for the installation of the profiles is 1.80 mm.


  • Weldability with FATRAFOL PVC-P membranes using hot air
  • Safe connection to the roof waterproofing system without the need to perforate the membrane
  • Long durability – comparable to that of FATRAFOL waterproofing coatings
  • Low additional load on the roof


FATRAFAST consists of an extruded vinyl profile and an aluminium reinforcement insert (20 x 25 mm square steel), fitted with a plug at both ends. The lateral collars of the vinyl profile allow to create a high quality hot-air weld with a minimum width of 30 mm on both sides of the profile. The aluminium reinforcement inside the plastic profile allows to subsequenty fix various devices to the roof without the need to perforate the coating with fixing elements.

The FATRAFAST profile is attached to the FATRAFOL waterproofing membrane by hot-air welding on both sides, using a manual or automatic welding machine. The welds are always made along the entire length of the profile.


Height33 mm
Basic width95 mm
Thicknessmin. 2,0 mm
Length1010 mm; 2020 mm

    light grey, RAL 7035

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  • Data sheet FATRAFAST
    • Data sheet FATRAFAST
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