Fatrafol 807/V

The membrane is designed for glued systems, particularly for gluing by expansive polyurethane adhesives to a suitable thermal insulation layer (e.g. PIR, EPS) or a solid structure of a roof ply meeting the requirements for flatness (cement bonded particleboards, vibrated concrete etc.).

The membrane is not suitable for gluing to asphalt surfaces and for mechanical anchoring!

An additional membrane, FATRAFOL 804, must be used for detailing.

Fatrafol 807/V

Processed materials


Usage instructions

Membranes may only be installed by qualified and specially trained contractors. Membranes must be installed in accordance with guideline FATRAFOL-S.


  • PVC-P based membrane with the underlying layer of PES textile
  • membrane is resistant to UV, may be exposed directly to weather effects
  • the structure is similar to 807, but the PVC layer is homogeneous in the whole matter
  • one edge of the membrane left without non-woven textile to enable longitudinal joining of strips


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll weight (kg) m²/roll
1,9 2050 66 32,80
2,6 1300 47 20

    dark grey, RAL 7012
    light grey, RAL 7040
    white, RAL 9010



  • Data sheet FATRAFOL 807
    • Data sheet FATRAFOL 807
    • Data sheet FATRAFOL 807V
    • DoP FATRAFOL 807V
    • DoP FATRAFOL 807
    • DoP FATRAFOL 804