Garden pools, ponds, lakes membranes

Garden pond membranes for waterproofing of garden ponds, fish ponds, biotopes and other water structures (swimming pools, fire tanks, fish ponds and other water structures).

Garden pools, ponds, lakes membranes

Product advantages

  • the garden pond membrane perfectly prevents from water loss through leakage
  • it has excellent dilatability
  • adjustable according to the base ruggedness
  • it is resistant to plant root penetration


  1. AQUAPLAST 805 (805/V, 805/V-F)
  2. Separation textile
  3. Sand subbase
  4. Garden pond
  5. Water lily
  6. Common carp
  7. H2O


  • Technological instruction FATRAFOL_A
    • Technological instruction FATRAFOL_A
    • Details of Fatrafol A
    • Catalogue of references