Balcony and terrace

A membrane directly intended for walkway systems is used for waterproofing of balconies and terraces. As a rule, it is installed on level areas. Flatness of the base and its pointing should guarantee that the no local water puddles should appear on the membrane.


Balcony and terrace


  1. Plastic-coated sheet metal internal corner profile FATRANYL PVC
  2. Polyurethane sealer
  3. Shaped 3D-piece – internal corner
  4. Fastening element
  5. Concrete base
  6. Shaped 3D-piece – external corner
  7. Separation textile
  8. FATRAFOL 804 membrane
  9. Extrusion welding string
  10. FATRAFOL 810 or FATRAFOL 814 embossed membrane type
  11. FATRAFOL 810 thick 1.2 mm membrane strip
  12. Plastic-coated sheet metal drip mould FATRANYL PVC


  • 3D Details Fatrafol S
    • 3D Details Fatrafol S
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