Fatrafol 818/V (818/V-UV)

The membrane is intended for making single ply coverings of flat roofs that are loaded by grave, they have an operational layer (pavement on pads or a mobile area) or vegetation layer.

FATRAFOL 818/V (818/V-UV) is not suitable for mechanically anchored ply coverings without a ballasting layer.

Fatrafol 818/V (818/V-UV)

Processed materials


Usage instructions

Membranes may only be installed by qualified and specially trained contractors. Membranes must be installed in accordance with guideline FATRAFOL-S.


  • a membrane on the PVC-P basis with integrated fibreglass fleece
  • is manufactured via multiple extrusions
  • is not suitable for mechanical anchoring
  • the 818/V-UV alternative is resistant to UV radiation long-term


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll weight (kg) m²/roll
1,2 2050 83 51,25
1,5 2050 82 41
1,8 2050 81 33,825

    dark grey, RAL 7012
    green, RAL 6000
    light grey, RAL 7040



  • Data sheet FATRAFOL 818V
    • Data sheet FATRAFOL 818V
    • DoP FATRAFOL 818V-UV
    • DoP FATRAFOL 818V
    • DoP FATRAFOL 804