Plastic coated sheets

The roof with effective waterproofing is one of the most important parts of the building, consistently elaborated in all details. This does not require only waterproofing material, but also necessary accessories. The FATRANYL plastic coated sheet is one of them, whose major area of use includes terminating and anchoring sheet elements for the installation of FATRAFOL  waterproofing membranes.

FATRANYL is a composite material, made of a metal basic material and plastic coating, which combines the excellent properties of both the materials above.
FATRANYL is a coated metal, which is reversible zinc-coated steel sheet. It is treated with a layer of PVC/TPO film being stabilized to weathering influences and UV radiation. The back metal plate is treated with a coating varnish.

Plastic coated sheets

Product advantages

  • the protective plastic layer gives the product excellent protection against corrosion
  • it is characteristic for good processability
  • several colour designs
  • high decorative effect

Usage instructions

Processing of the FATRANYL plastic coated sheet is similar to processing of sheets without the PVC layer with the difference that sheets may not be joined by soldering or welding. Sheets may be processed also by bending, but each sheet needs to be bent separately. Joining may be carried out by folding (roof templates), riveting or bonding of a joint by a permanently elastic mastic.
The vinyl layer must be protected against the effects of organic solvents and compounds that have a guaranteed chemical inactivity to the plasticised PVC/TPO. Plastics coated sheets are not intended for the contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. Unless specified otherwise, sheets, or the PVC/TPO layer, are not suitable for the contact with bitumen-, asphalt- and tar-based fabrics.


  1. PVC/TPO layer
  2. Zinc layer
  3. Steel
  4. Zinc layer
  5. Protective coating

Řez kašírovaným plechem FATRANYL

    anthracite grey, RAL 7016
    blue, RAL 5015
    copper brown, RAL 8004
    dark grey, RAL 7012
    green, RAL 6000
    grey-white, RAL 7047
    light grey, RAL 7035
    red, RAL 3016
    white, RAL 9010


  • Data sheet FATRANYL PVC
    • Data sheet FATRANYL PVC
    • Leaflet Fatranyl coated metal sheets