Green roof

Green roofs are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and aesthetic. The soil layer (depending on the height) allows to grow a broad range of plants –from mosses to really full-grown trees. A green roof then surpasses the general function of a roof and allows to design an architectonically and functionally interesting space in areas that would be otherwise unutilised.

  • FATRAFOL 818
  • FATRAFOL 804
  • Green roof


    1. Plastic-coated sheet metal wall strip FATRANYL PVC
    2. Butyl-rubber tape
    3. Plastic-coated sheet metal internal corner profile FATRANYL PVC
    4. PVC-P membrane FATRAFOL810/V (804)
    5. Underlayer
    6. River gravel, fraction 16–32
    7. Separating textile
    8. FATRAFOL 818 PVC-P membrane
    9. Separating layer – glass-fibre mat
    10. Thermal insulation – polystyrene
    11. Vapour control barrier
    12. Vegetation formation
    13. Drainage membrane
    14. Filtration layer


    • 3D Details Fatrafol S
      • 3D Details Fatrafol S
      • Catalogue of waterproofing
      • Technological instructions FATRAFOL-S
      • Details FATRAFOL S
      • FATRAFOL catalogue of references
      • Installation_manual_Fatrafol S