The membrane is intended for welded structure insulations against aggressive, pressure and uprising underground water, in the environment where there is a risk of contamination by oil substances, such as mineral oils or diesel oil, for the insertion into wall structures in accordance with ČSN EN 14909:2006, for treatment of long vertical surfaces without a sagging membrane, for welding at high ambient temperatures, for the welding of a radon barrier.

Usage instructions

Membranes may only be installed by qualified and specially trained contractors. Membranes must be installed in accordance with guideline FATRAFOL-H and FATRAFOL-HP.


  • the membrane on the unreinforced polyvinyl chloride basis with integrated fibreglass fleece, T type according to ČSN EN 13967:2005/A1:2007
  • is manufactured via multiple extrusions
  • it is furnished with a signal upper layer of yellow colour
  • FATRAFOL 813/VS is dimensionally stable at higher temperatures
  • it has great strength and good chemical resistance to petroleum contaminated water
  • the signal layer enables easier inspection of the integrity of waterproofing


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Quantity (m2)
1,5 2050 20 41
2,0 2050 15 30,75

    yellow, RAL 1012



  • DoP Fatrafol 813_VS
    • DoP Fatrafol 813_VS
    • Data sheet Fatrafol 813_VS
    • Details Fatrafol H
    • Instalation manual FATRAFOL H