A new service of Fatra, a.s. Napajedla, the Insulation Studio provides technical support to contractors, construction companies, designers and investors working with systems to waterproof foundations against moisture, underground water, liquids and radon, with ply coverings for flat roofs and terraces, with waterproofing products for swimming pools and with special systems to waterproof garden ponds.

Services for contractors
I. Training courses for:
New contractors
Current contractors (free of charge).

II. Supervised installation, weld testing methods, tension tests

III. Consulting services – design and approval of waterproofing layers, detailing, auxiliary material and accessories, determination of thickness of anti-radon insulation, determination of thermal resistance of roof coverings.

IV. Provision of fixing plans

V. Supervision over use of Fatra products

VI. Assistance in preparing quotes (attractive projects in terms of size or technical solutions)

Services for designers
I. Assessing and suggesting waterproofing systems and anti-radon insulation for foundations

II. Suggesting ply coverings for roofs, including additional thermal layers, vapour control barriers and details – for both new buildings and reconstruction projects

III. Assessments of flat roofs

Assessing the current state, research, probing, proposal of alternative solutions, detailing (reconstruction projects)
Suggesting the waterproofing layers and details (new buildings)

IV. Assessments of foundations

Assessing the current state, research, proposal of alternative solutions, detailing (reconstruction projects)
Suggesting the waterproofing layers and details (new buildings)

V. Calculations necessary to waterproof foundations including detailing

VI. Calculations of ply coverings necessary for flat roofs including thermal insulation, vapour control barrier, peripheral sheets and detailing.

For construction companies, investors

I. Consulting services – assessing the suitability of proposed waterproofing layers, proposal of waterproofing layers, readiness of base layers, detailing.

II. Supervision over contractors using Fatrafol products, contractor advice.

III. Preparing quotes (for attractive projects in terms of size, reference or technical solution)

IV. Applications

Paid services

V. Project documentation – for flat roofs and foundations (similar to a technical report), floor plans, cross sections, details, bills of quantities.

VI. Measurement of onsite radon index.

General services
– Promoting and presenting FATRAFOL waterproofing systems in specialist       seminars
– Handling warranty claims
– Conducting inspections
– Applying and assessing new membranes
– Updating FATRAFOL specifications
– Rental of welding machines
– Fatra technical group


Libor Bednář
Insulation Studio 
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E-mail: libor.bednar@fatra.cz
Teplárenská 601/7, Praha

E-mail to Insulation Studio: studio@fatrafol.cz

Svatopluk Kolder
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