Aquaplast 805/V (805)

The garden pond liner serves for the insulation of garden ponds, fish ponds, biotopes and other water structures (swimming pools, fire tanks, fish ponds and other water structures).

The liner perfectly prevents from water loss through leakage, it has excellent dilatability, it can be adjusted to the base ruggedness and it is resistant to plant root penetration.
Aquaplast 805/V (805)

Processed materials


Usage instructions

Membranes may only be installed by qualified and specially trained contractors. Membranes must be installed in accordance with guideline FATRAFOL-H.


  • plasticised polyvinyl chloride based unreinforced membrane (PVC-P)
  • it has very good chemical resistance against all natural resources of water irrespective of the amount of minerals and organics dissolved in the water
  • the membrane is resistant to UV radiation
  • the membrane is harmless to fish and water plants


Item Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll weight (kg) m²/roll
Aquaplast 805 1,0 1300 39
   1,5 26
Aquaplast 805/V 1,0 2000 50
   1,5 30

    anthracite, RAL 6006
    black, RAL 9011
    green, RAL 6000



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