FATRAFOL 803/VST is produced from virgin raw materials on a base of plasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC-P). Membrane is intended for tunnels, constructed by tunnel boring machines (TBMs), drill and blast method or cut and cover method and for underground structures beeing part of tunnels.

FATRAFOL 803/VST is designed for building structures loaded with water acting hydrostatic pressure.


Usage instructions

Membranes may only be installed by qualified and specially trained contractors. Membranes must be installed in accordance with guideline FATRAFOL- T.


  • non-reinforced plasticised polyvinylchloride (PVC-P) based membrane
  • provided with a signal yellow layer on the upper side, the underside is black
  • produced by multiple extrusion
  • creates a radon barrier
  • excellent chemical resistance to most inorganic acids and alkalis and their salts


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Lenght (m) Quantity (m²)
1,5 2000 20 40
2,0 2000 20 40
2,1 2000 20 40
2,2 2000 20 40

    yellow, RAL 1012


  • Data sheet Fatrafol 803_VST_1.5mm
    • Data sheet Fatrafol 803_VST_1.5mm
    • Data sheet Fatrafol 803_VST_2.1mm
    • Data sheet Fatrafol 803_VST_2.2mm
    • Data sheet Fatrafol 803_VST_2mm
    • DoP Fatrafol 803_VST_1.5 mm
    • DoP Fatrafol 803_VST_2.0 mm
    • DoP Fatrafol 803_VST_2.1 mm
    • DoP Fatrafol 803_VST_2.2 mm
    • Instalation manual FATRAFOL H
    • Details Fatrafol H