FATRAFOL at the O2 Arena in Prague

FATRAFOL at the O2 Arena in Prague

Our FATRAFOL waterproofing membrane is now part of one of the most modern multipurpose halls in Europe.

This year, the roof at the O2 Arena underwent revitalisation. The subject of the repair was the roof of the gallery shaped as a ring that is located around the circumference of the building at half its height, i.e. approximately 15 m above the ground level.  The steel roof construction, which towers above the entire roof passes through this roof structure. Over the last twenty years, various elements had been installed on the roof and the integrity of the film had been disrupted in a number of places, meaning that the roof had started to leak. This damaged the base layer, which had lost its load-bearing capacity in a number of places and therefore had to be either reinforced or replaced. A decision was therefore made to renovate the roof. The roof repair work was performed by Testa s.r.o. according to a mutually agreed procedure, part of which included dealing with a number of atypical details.

A 1.80 mm thick FATRAFOL 810/V waterproofing membrane in the light grey RAL 7035 shade was chosen for the roof’s new waterproofing. The membrane was affixed to the base mechanically using SFS fasteners, namely a stainless steel MW-40-F washer with an IWF-5.2 wood screw.

A 2.00 mm thick FATRAFOL 804 waterproofing membrane was then used to secure the atypical details and to additionally seal any waterproofing system accessories such as the Cone and Wave shaped pieces and FATRAPUR PU 25 sealant. The renovated roof had an area in excess of 9,000 m2.

Testa designated the surfaces with the repaired structure and the reinforced base using red FATRAFOL 810 membrane so that they can be easily identified if necessary.

After 20 years, the building now has new, functional waterproofing that can serve for decades to come.